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Zachary Gray - Reinterpretations

“Ever since Zachary sent us his record Montreal I/II released here on Camomille, we’ve been enchanted by his output. Here he’s back with a collection of remixes and rearrangements and he showcases exactly what we’ve loved him for : sweet, melodious and epic leads on rolling, thumping, crawling, compressed beatwork. As much as these tracks are compelling crowdpleasers, Zachary’s remixes almost feel like intimate doodles and notes from his mind; there’s a sort of proximity to these songs, like we’re tagging along with him on a lonely, evening walk.” – Camomille, 2013
Zachary Gray - Reinterpretations
A limited edition CD was also released. It was packaged in a simple gatefold case, and limited to 150 copies. The disc was an Enhanced CD, which included a digital copy of the album.
Zachary Gray - Reinterpretations (Limited Edition CD)