Containment EP

Music / Solo


Zachary Gray - Containment EP

Originally released as a split EP with Para Palabras, available now via A Person Disguised as People.

“After last years Forest City Series set, I was certain that it’d be a disservice, if not an injustice, not to move forward with new works from both Zach and Ben. It just so happened that each was fond of the others’ contributions, and so the idea of a split release seemed like a natural first step in fine tuning the newly minted APDAP imprint.

My respect for these two humbles my want to articulate it. Their dedication to this project may be just as impressive as their remarkable talents (and that’s saying quite a bit). They make the music that I want to hear, and they’re kind enough to share that with me so that I can share it with you.

We are A Person Disguised As People, and we thank you for listening.” – A Person Disguised as People, June 2015.

Tracks 1-3 written and produced by Zachary Gray. Tracks 5-7 written, and produced by Para Palabras. Tracks 4 and 8 produced by Para Palabras and Zachary Gray, respectively.

Artwork & Design by Ben van D.
Mastered by Ben McArthur.
Compiled by Ian Doig-Phaneuf.